Unveiling the Lunar Triumph: Chandrayaan-3 Epic Quest to Conquer or Crumble on the Moon 2023


Unveiling the Lunar Triumph: Chandrayaan-3 Epic Quest to Conquer or Crumble on the Moon 2023

Chandrayaan-3: India’s Third Moon Mission Unveiled

Chandrayaan-3, India’s latest lunar expedition, is poised to create history by landing on the moon’s surface around 6:04 PM IST this Wednesday. If the mission goes according to plan, India will stand as the pioneering nation to reach the unexplored southern pole of our celestial companion.

Comprising both a lander named Vikram and a rover called Pragyan, this mission sets out on a remarkable endeavor. ISRO, India’s space agency, is making its second attempt in four years to gently guide the Lander Module (LM) towards the moon’s surface. The successful accomplishment of Chandrayaan-3 would position India as the fourth country, following the USA, China, and the former Soviet Union, to master the intricate art of softly landing on the moon’s rugged terrain.

Chandrayaan-3 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Chandrayaan-2, with the primary aim of showcasing the prowess of safe and soft lunar landings, the mobility of rovers on the lunar landscape, and conducting on-the-spot scientific experiments. Chandrayaan-2 faced a setback during its lunar phase when its lander ‘Vikram’ encountered anomalies in the braking system during an attempted touchdown on September 7, 2019, leading to an unfortunate crash.

Vikram’s Remarkable Feat: ISRO’s chief, S Somanath, recently disclosed that the Vikram lander of Chandrayaan-3 has been ingeniously designed to achieve a soft landing on the moon’s surface on August 23, even if certain sensors and two of its engines face challenges. This innovative design ensures that Vikram can handle unforeseen issues. Somanath shared this insight during a talk titled ‘Chandrayaan-3: India’s Pride Space Mission,’ organized by the non-profit organization Disha Bharat.

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He affirmed, “Even if everything else fails, Vikram will still achieve a successful landing. This design ensures that as long as the propulsion system works effectively.” This flexible approach showcases India’s commitment to mission success despite adversities.

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